My So Called Life

When the first of the Fall collections started surfacing, there was a heavy hint of 90's grunge. At first I was annoyed at the idea of revisiting the days of Angela and Rayanne and their ill fitting floral print dresses with Dr.Martens and masculine over sized blazers/cardigans. Give me a couple weeks and I wake up a week later dreaming of combat boots. Work is more than crazy but I still want to be somewhat pulled together as I trek about the city, into showrooms, and designer studios. Feeling the need to slip into my DIY studded jeans with "distressed" tights tomorrow.


I can't stop thinking about these boots. They are the 20 eye zip patent leather lamper... They hit a little below the knee and have an inside zipper. Perfect for wearing slouchy and disheveled untied and half undone. Desperate to slip into a pair of these ASAP. And despite the warm weather hopefully creeping in, I would want to attract the likes of Jordan Catalano, and pair with summery light weight dresses.

{Dr. Martens}

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