Dinner Turned Test Shoot...

Saturday night I headed to Prospect Heights for dinner with some friends. Kory had recently purchased a $16 bottle of BBQ sauce from William Sonoma and volunteered to make burgers. After some grubbing, chit chatting, video game action, and apartment tours Nate set up an impromptu studio. We took our turns posing for the camera as if we had just walked down the red carpet...And lets be honest, my friends and I have no problem being in front of a camera...we're a bunch of hams! What started as a simple quick snap turned into a complete production with hair, make up, and wardrobe changes...

Matty Mo:: admissions counselor, improv actor, karaoke enthusiast

Joe:: music snob & tattoo advocate working in the music biz, cookie baker/inventor, official little brother, confidant...and southern gentlemen!

Hilary:: musical theatre performer, dancer, Cali girl
Chanel:: editor, coordinator, love guru, blogger

Lauren:: producer, executive director/co-founder of The Love Alliance...and one of the funniest people I have met in a long time! Love how her hair blends in with the background!

Chinae:: pr/marketing director, fashion cohort, my rock
Nate:: interactive producer, photographer, musician, creative

Kathleen:: program associate, wife, future script writer, knock out

(they could be sisters)
Becky:: unofficial roommate, bag designer, fashion soulmate
Candice:: hair stylist, parisian enthusiast, passionate soul

K-Ball:: writer, blogger, connector, Texan!
Sarah:: marketer, blogger, future furniture designer

Victor:: stuntman, generous giver, my neighbor & 'lil bro'
Nathan:: improv actor, husband, world traveler, supporter

And yours truly!!!!

I'm not sure why photo shoots are always calling for big budgets... Here are the props from our test shoot...

*lamp sans shade
*basic fan.
*paper plate

Photographer:: Nate Poekert
Make Up:: Chinae Alexander
Hair Stylist:: Candice Evans
Fashion Stylist:: ME!

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Holli said...

I want to do this! :( I love this....it looks like yall had so much fun! In another life (my dreams) I live up there with yall and we get to hang out all the time!