Goat Gloat...

In my previous post I was holding a new over sized clutch I recently received from London! My dear sweet London squatter and bestie, Becky, has been in school studying leather accessory design. As you will quickly realize, she's GENIUS! After I received my fox tail in the mail a couple of weeks ago I commissioned a job from Becky. I specifically requested an over sized clutch that could be the vehicle for my new fur accoutrement but play double duty as stylish accessory, laptop case, and well let's be honest, Becky is going to be HUGE with her own line and I want to say I have a one of a kind original. Last Thursday she arrived from London (month long spring break... LUCKY) and this is what arrived with her. I died when I saw it and it has not left my side since.

Dark almost black goat leather. It's luxurious and fabulous. I still can't get over it! The flap covers just enough and is beautiful.

{back view}

{she put two pegs for the bottom of the bag}

I'm crazy about the lining. Not at all what I would have excepted and it makes me love it even more. The lining secures my laptop from being scratched by keys, iPods, camera, and whatever else it is I throw in my bag on any given day. I also have to call your attention to the rings on either side. Again, multi functional...I can hook the fur tail to either side (or multiples as I continue to collect) and it allows me to clip on a strap for the days I need to be hands free and mobile. How is she so good and know me so well?!

So I didn't mean to gloat about my bag, but I had to share it with you. The design is perfect and the construction impeccable. Becky has really out done herself!

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