Carrie On...

I'm so excited for the forecasted 70 degree weather tomorrow through the weekend. The city comes to life in the Spring and I relish in the long days, outdoor seating, lounging in the park, and weekend getaways to the beach. I'm still trying to edit down my spring time look. I've spent most of my day looking at different websites, designers, movies, etc and fell in love all over again with Carried Bradshaw. Who doesn't love her?! Maybe it's Pat Fields we really need to be worshipping...Regardless scene after scene I'm always taking note of every ensemble from head to toe. I did a quick search for images from the sequel and this is what I stumbled upon...

You can't not love this look. The simplicity is what draws me in. No fuss! Just a great white dress in an everyday cut with killer sunnies (my weakness). Contemplating renting this Halston dress for a weekend from Rent The Runway.

LOVING! A great color, sensible silhouette, and it can be paired with anything to dress it up or down. Am I trying too hard to make this fit in my boho+industrial+feminine mold?! I think not. While home over Christmas I purchased a pair of gold barely there sandals that would coordinate perfectly!

I feel like this look receives such mixed emotions. I couldn't love it any more. A voluminous extravagant skirt is exactly what is on my radar. Dying over the styling with the t-shirt and casual jacket, not to mention knock out shoes, and an ethnic bag. Of course that's what you wear in the desert!...and for me making it's way to the concrete jungle!

Another Halston dream (also available at Rent the Runway). For the last couple of summers I have been sporting turban headbands. A friend I used to work with made a "beginner pattern" for me to follow and I haven't stopped turning them out since. It's easy to spruce up any outfit, keeps my hair out of my face, and has just been fun! While home for Christmas I made something very similar to the one picture above. I've been keeping it at bay and waiting until the warmer weather was introduced to dawn it. I love the idea of wearing it as a dressy option. Maybe this weekend will be the official debut (aka finally a wardrobe diary post, I'll admit it, I've been slacking).

Dear Spring, I hope you will be making an appearance this week. Your RSVP is a maybe but I've made room for you at the party. Come along won't you?!

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