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I've started to store away my fall and winter garments to make way for fresh new spring merchandise. Despite working in the fashion industry for more than a couple years now, I still have not adjusted to purchasing months prior to season. I'm the buy now, wear now type of shopper...It just feels like cheating a little bit, but there is always that one piece I'm kicking myself for hesitating on. I'm attempting to get a little ahead of myself this season (let's be honest, I'm already behind) as I start my S/S 2010 inspiration/"die to have board." As previously mentioned my style is often a bit schizophrenic and I'm feeling a pull to girlish frocks and bright rays of color to kick off the warmer weather.

It came as no surprise to me when I was bookmarking looks and images from Tracy Reese's spring collection. Reese caught my attention at the beginning of my fashion obsession. Her silhouettes are always flawless, functional, and accentuating for a variety shapes. Can we talk about the color?! I'm dying to get my daily dose of essential vibrancy from this tangerine color. The mixing, matching, and pairing kept the color quenched so it was never obnoxious nor outdated. And the duo of prints (floral and animal)... LOVING!!!

It could be that the blue hues are a great accent to the tangerine, yes?! no?! maybe so?! Regardless it is a color I want to incorporate into my wardrobe more. I'm vibing to find it a home amongst an array of denim options. It is the perfect color, fitting for all skin tones. A great color to pair with your go-to neutrals (white, black, khaki, and the ever popular grey) and accessorize with vivacious stand out accessories, shoes, sunnies, etc! Can we talk about the dress in the middle?! Adorable and so easy, a last minute rush out the door savior. Contemplating the purchase of a similar dress in ivory at H&M and soaking it in a warm blue bath for a bit... The short sleeve cropped jacket (I'm gonna say something I never use to describe clothes)...precious!!!

If you aren't familiar with Tracy Reese please go to her website or flagship store (in the Meat Packing District). Her collections can dress you for any occasion you could ever have. I think I might spend some of tomorrow at her store, lusting after everything and wishing for the smallest swatch to call my own!...

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Holli said...

Love those blue shorts!!!...now if only my legs looked like that maybe I could pull them off! :) love ya!