Favorite Fall Fads

As spring is slowly and delicately enveloping the city, I thought I better post my favorite fall trends before I discard them to enjoy the sun, outdoor seating at brunch, and beach filled days. Please bare with me as this could be a lengthy post...

{richard chai love, chloe, margiela}

I'm loving the idea of wide leg pants. Don't get me a wrong, I love my skinny and slim fit jeans, they easily tuck into boots and look equally as fanciful paired with knock out heels. They have been my go to bottoms on many a day. I just find that there is something so endearing and dapper about being tactfully clad in a set of flowing, eloquently tailored, wide leg pants. I'm resurrecting two pair of Lela Rose wide leg pants from my closet this fall and pairing with my newest obsession...clogs.

{proenza schouler, chanel}

I've quickly become obsessed with these onomatopoeic shoes. It started with the Chanel show last spring and then resurfaced when I saw Roxy's pair of eggplant clogs from Rachel Comey. Instant height in a shoe that is sturdy. I rarely slip into a pair of pin thin heels because I shift my weight like a clock pendulum and teeter toter as I walk. I save those show stopping heels for special occasions. Since I walk everywhere and all day, I want something that isn't just comfortable but telling of my style and personality. This is it!!!!! Perfect mate for any pant silhouette and adorable with skirts and dresses. Planning on clogging around in these all spring and summer...and straight into fall, especially with leopard prints.
{balmain, mulberry}

I say this in a very audacious tone, there isn't anything ground breaking about an animal print. They make there rounds every couple of years and then fade back into hibernation for a while. The difference this time around is that the prints are acting as a neutral. Why haven't we done this before?!?! I loved the styling at Mulberry with the looks being head to toe mixed leopard print. To pull this off you have to mix and match the size of the print and keep in mind similar color stories. So smart!!!! And if you give a girl an animal print, there is a good chance she'll ask you for a new fur to go with it!

{michael kors, j mendel}

There is no denying that fur, faux or real, was the biggest trend this season. I couldn't be happier about it! Designers pulled out all the stops to make sure we would be completely covered in furry goodness next time the brutal chill blows through the city. Furs were created in the likes of coats, vests, jackets, muffs, scarves, elaborate head pieces, gloves, even key chains. I was abundantly impressed with the variety that was presented. I'm eager as a beaver (or for a beaver) to acquire some new fluff for the chillier months that are inevitably going to come!

A few other trends I'm looking forward to that received honorable mention::
50's inspired pants... in all materials and colors
{isabel marant}

Over the knee boots are staying around, and in svelte suede.
{e. tahari}

Both of these are a little formal, but I think mermaid silhouettes are going to be revisited, but in a new life as day wear...mark my words!!
{m kors, derek lam}

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