Whole Lot of Shaking Going On...


Wednesday night I had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing Million Dollar Quartet at the Nederlander Theatre with a group of friends. I was so excited to see the show knowing it wouldn't incorporate some of my favorite oldies, lots of dancing, and a harmonica solo! I have loved Jerry Lee Lewis for most of my life...Well really I think I loved Dennis Quaid as Lewis in Great Balls of Fire (a movie I saw when I was too young and was most likely far beyond my maturity level). Lewis, real or scripted, was outlandish, self centered, obnoxious yet all the while charming, irresistible, and unarguably talented. A dangerous combination yet for some reason I know I wouldn't be able to resist.

***side note, you must go and see this show, it's so much fun AND Levi Kreis who plays Lewis is not only incredibly talented and ridiculously good looking, but does the character justice beyond all belief***

One of the best parts about living in NYC is you can find inspiration in anything and everything. I walked away that night first of all, dancing, but also totally inspired. Part of it was due to my rejuvenated love for the style of the 50's. The other part was just the passion and dedication that went into the product the four musicians were creating. They never gave up, fought for their point of view, and didn't let NO stop them from pursuing their dreams. A lesson that often needs to be reiterated after being in this city for an extended amount of time. I know you didn't come here for a life lesson, so to the fun stuff.

Like previously stated, I fell in love with the style of the 50's all over again. Not the poodle skirts or the predictable matching and coordinating combinations...both of those have had their time and place. What I loved was how feminine dressing was. Maybe this is coming from a place of wearing too many over sized this or boyfriend fit that. I think what I was drawn to most was the appreciation for the female shape. Even when women were dressing provocatively there was an air of sophistication that blanketed the look. This past fashion week there were a few shows that hinted at a dose of 50's glam being injected into everyday wardrobes.

Isabel Marant can do little wrong in my eyes. The look at her fall show with the peddle pushing pants, haphazard scarves, and kitten heels (which still remains questionable to me, not sure I can get into them). Whether for or against, I loved the complete look.

I still can't remember where I first came across this Alexis Mabille image but I died when I saw it. And after seeing the show immediately started searching for this dress again to put in an order, via my mother, for the same silhouette in a white, black, and peach lace. I'm so in love with this dress and it's lady like allure.

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