So Wrong It's White...

Three weeks ago I went wedding dress shopping with my friend Amy (introduced here). I was so excited to help her find THE dress and equally as terrified to go into a bridal salon. While Amy was slipping into her first dress at Vera Wang, I made eyes with the most adorable dress I have ever seen. *86 the bow/flower on the shoulder and I was ready to wear it out Saturday night. It has a bit of 1920's inspiration and spirited glamour. How fabulous and eccentric would it be to wear this dress with the leopard boots from my Rachel Roy shoot!?!?!?
{project beltway}

After our successful Vera Wang visit!!...I started thinking of how I could wear my own white dress without looking like I was about to walk down the aisle. A couple months ago I saw a girl wearing the most amazing white dress and when I stopped her to inquire she told me that it was a vintage wedding dress she had reconstructed...SO SMART! I did a little research today and found a few vintage wedding dresses that, with the addition of a few accessories here and there, won't scream "Holy Matrimony!"

I came across this 1960's inspired wedding dress and melted. I love the short hemline and the delicate touches of femininity. Could work as the perfect brunch date ensemble.

My first vintage era love is the 70's...you're well aware of this by now. The 1920's plays a very close second though. I love anything beaded, bedazzled, or sequined (again something you're well aware of). I saw this dress and my jaw dropped.
All the layers of beading with the ridiculously amazing train. I need this dress for some kind of award show or black tie event. The craftsmanship and execution is unbelievable.

This is exactly what I want to wear to Governors Island for the Roaring Twenties Jazz Event at the end of the summer. Beaded, drop waist, and fringe...oh you know, just the perfect combination, especially for jive/swing dancing!

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