Summer Reading...

I feel weird writing a book review on here, but when something is entertaining I feel like I must share. I'm a huge fan of Chelsea Handler... Her book and her show. I think she's one of the funniest ladies with her hilarious, tell it like we're all thinking it, wit in her vibrant graphic cynical tone. Two summers ago I read her sophomore book, Are You There Vodka, It's me Chelsea?! and couldn't put it down. Not many books make me have emotions and this book had me crying I was laughing so hard while on the subway. So when her new book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang came out, I was excited for another collection of exaggerated tales of her past. I borrowed the book from a friend last night and finished the book at 4am...yep, I couldn't put it down (thought that was just a saying, but it became truth). If her charismatic banter isn't enough, the pictures will put you over the edge.

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