What's In Your Closet?!?!?!?

Moving to the city meant that I would have to make a few sacrifices to live out my dream.  I gave up driving for public transportation, good Mexican for brunch on the weekends, and my own backyard for Central Park.  I have lovingly embraced these changes, but there is one deprivation that I have yet to come to terms with... lack of closet space.  

I woke up this afternoon and realized that half the contents of my closet had made their way to the foot of my bed, back of my desk chair, hanging from door knobs, and yes...unfortunately limp and lifeless on the cold, hard floor.  And my shoes... They used to be perfectly aligned in unison with their match and now they appear as an ever growing pile of fabulosity.  Day in and out I've given the excuse that I just need to switch over to my fall wardrobe, but in all honesty, that will not keep the clothes on hangers and in the closet.  

I admit it, I "Coco-Canal" have a shopping problem...addiction!  

It doesn't matter how organized I get there will just never be enough space to hang all the fashion finds that I love, adore, and collect. I'm not one to throw things out very often either.  I plan on keeping and preserving articles to pass down to my daughter's daughter.  However, I came to terms today that I need to do a clean out.  As painful as it is, a good purge will be incredibly beneficial.  I have placed such value and sentiment on my clothes.  Every article has some kind of story and significance attached to it whether it be a first date, kiss, milestone in my life, a gift... I believe I could find some reason to hold on to everything.  I know I will have the memories long after the clothes are gone, I just don't believe that anyone will give the same love, attention, and appreciation that I will, and while Good Will and the Salvation Army are both very good options for donations, I'm just not convinced that they will get the best home possible.  If I had my choice, I would hand pick the owner for each piece.

And this got me to thinking!!!! I know my friends and their passion for clothes. They would be the best owners for my coveted garments.  So I am in the works of planning a Clothing Swap Party.  Everyone will bring a pre-determined number of pieces; it can be clothes, shoes, accessories, handbags, whatever is in decent condition and needs a good home.  The details are in the works, but I'm very excited about this little soiree. Until then I'm reorganizing my closet in an attempt to feel like I have the most luxurious walk in closet there is... A bit of a stretch, I know!

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Holli said...

So I wish so badly that i could partake in this great idea of yours but being that 1. my clothes are nothing incredible 2. I don't live close to you :( But if you ever feel like something just shouts simple ole Holli then please feel free to save/send it my way! :) ps. I really love this idea...I did just take all my summer dresses and pack them in a bin until it gets warmer! Love you and miss you!