"Homeboy Wore Combat Boots to the Beach"

In the spirit of giving thanks, I only had to work a half day!  At 12:30 I left work and went to pick up some groceries at Whole Foods for tomorrow's festivities in Hell's Kitchen.  On my walk there I was stopped by a very attractive man that talked me into sponsoring a little girl from The Dominican Republic (gotta give back to my people)!  Walking home with groceries in tote I passed the attractive man again and this time we sat against the side of a building and had a quick chat and a cup of coffee.  I noticed his shoes and couldn't help but think how badly I wanted a pair just as well.  His shoes were purchased at an army surplus store and immediately thoughts and visions of my favorite army store in Texas began to flash in my head.  I won't be home to visit the little treasure until Christmas so I turned to the Internet to find something similar.  Of course I fell in love with the most expensive pair, but I thought maybe, just MAYBE they will be under the tree from Santa come Christmas morning!

I love the look of the combat boots.  I want to wear them with jeans tucked in, with a wool dress, slouchy cut off jean shorts with tights, the combinations are endless.  And we can't forget to think Justin Bobby for sporting them to the beach in the dead of summer... and for giving us another reason to enjoy his beauty.

Dear Santa:  I'm pretty sure I have been good all year long!  My cowboy boots, you've seen them, they are reaching the end of their life and really need to be replaced. These combat boots will provide warmth and style come this winter season.

Love~ Desperate for New Soles
(Coco Canal)

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Lauren Marie said...

love the combat boots, hope Santa brings them to you. What is the surplus store in Texas??