Twilight Tailoring

Lets get one thing straight. I'm NOT a fan of this new Twilight series.  I have not read the books and frankly I'm not really interested to. Everyone around me won't stop talking about it and with all the buzz around I've had to take some notice of this whole craze and I can't lie, I like what I've been seeing.

Precisely tailored suits, skinny ties, bow ties, scarves, fur stoles... Excuse!! Where are these men in NYC?  There are what, over 4 million men in this city and I think I've only seen 7 of them!  I love this look.  It's more than just jeans and a t-shirt... Thank Goodness!  The look has been thought out and has interest.  I'm not saying that this needs to be an every day thing, I don't dress that fabulous everyday... but it is recognized and greatly appreciated.  If I need to turn into a vampire to meet this type of man, I'll do it!

Men that have impeccable style and taste!

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