To and Fro

I have commitment issues when it comes to my hair.  I want to grow it out, but then I chop it off into a drop cut bob.  I want bangs but two weeks later I'm pinning them back and out of my face. I try to grow it out and curly, but the next week it's too frizzy for me so I get it relaxed.  I've recently notice that when my relaxer starts to grow out and my hair is wet, I have my ideal curl... not too tight, not too loose, just perfection.  I have been inspired to let my hair grow out natural... again... But I'm really going to try it this time.  It's hard because I refuse to shave my head and start over, and I can't wear the top half of my head curly and the bottom straight. 

All I'm asking for is a tamed and controlled loose curl fro.  I want to have options in length and to be able to wear it straight or curly.  I will be visiting the best hair stylist I've ever been to (Sydney, my "hairy"/fairy god mother) in the next two weeks for advice, a trim, and her magic touch.  Here's to hoping and wishing for some fabulous curls in the future!... and those that have inspired my desire for curls!



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lowleeta said...

please grow it out like beyonce in that bottom photo. i think that will be the best choice ;)