Before we had Laguna Beach, The Hills, or even Paris Hilton's My New BFF we had the original rich celebrity reality show Rich Girls.  The show followed the lives of recent high school graduates Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher.  I would have loved to have gotten more than one season of the show, but a broken friendship and nervous breakdown coupled with anxiety attacks brought the show to an end.  The dialogue was often unbelievable and monotonous, but there was one line that has always stuck with me.  "We wear cargo pants with high heels and a white tank because it's fashionable, but the people in the Midwest wear cargo pants because they need the extra pockets while they work in the fields!"  

Ally's style is 60% uptown chic sophistication and 40% downtown laid back edge.  She's come a long way since her cargo pant days and has emerged into her own sense of style.  She's learned to couple her raven black hair with red lipstick and geek chic black square framed glasses.  She's not into flashing a popular name brand, instead she's about supporting new young designers.  Helping design for her father's label has embedded an appreciation and knowledge for quality and nautical style.  I love Ally's Upper East Hipster style and look forward to seeing more fabulous ensembles from this up and coming stylish semi-it girl!


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christine said...

ahhhhhhhh that show needs to come back on!!!!