Battle of the Fringe

Fashion week in London was a fringe frenzy for a handful of designers.  I'm definitely a fan of anything a little retro, forward, loud, and unexpected.  I love that some many designers are doing updated versions of ruffles, fringe, pleated detail, and layers; having fun with clothes, pushing  and expanding the imagination and vision to show what clothes truly can be.   

William Tempest:
I love the play on the tuxedo pleats down the front of the blouse.  It's subtle, and expresses so much.  The strapless dress is to die for!  The skirt looks like my year subscription of Lucky has been folded in origami fashion and attached to the corset.  William Tempest recreates classic silhouettes by adding that something special in the form of unique detailing that is subtle and articulate.

LF Markey:
This collection is all about color and I couldn't have more amity for it.  How can you look at the collection and not smile from ear to ear with childlike enthusiasm.  With this collection I am whole heartily amused with every detail.  The color combinations are sublime, and just want I want to wear come spring/summer...Heck, I would wear it now, with some colored tights! (Gosh, these are the thoughts that continuously get me in trouble... and leave me eating ramin noodles at the end of the month)!  The layers have a petal meets cupcake icing feel.  It's feminine with enough incisiveness to keep things balanced.  The looks are versatile and can range from a beach cocktail-ish party, to a casual work ensemble, to a Saturday stroll around the city.  The collection has something to offer for every event in your schedule!

Eun Jeong Hong:
I try to never pick favorites, but hands down this has stolen my heart .  I'm obsessed with the monotone palette...is there any other way to genuinely and sincerely appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating these garments?  The dress knocked me off of my chair.  I saw this dress and had to get a chin strap to keep my jaw in tack.  I'm still totally bugging! Again, I'm not one to plan my wedding, but how incredible would this be for your second dress at the reception...or even the ceremony dress at some fabulous destination wedding (SHOT GUN)!  The top is exactly what I want to wear on my next European vacation! (HA).  At first, I thought, of course I'll wear it with jeans, but the more that I look and think about it, the dark denim would just kill the look.  It's all about being crisp, sleek, and understated in a fabulous way!  My next project is to find a way to recreate this with a couple of white Hanes t-shirts.. Wish me luck!?!?!?!?  

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