Make the Future...Look Good

I promised myself that I wouldn't get political on here, but in the spirit of today, I figured I could let this one slide. I submitted an absentee ballot in Texas a few weeks ago and couldn't have been more excited. I immersed myself into this election trying to get as much information as possible about the candidates, etc. While I'm a nervous wreck waiting for what will come tonight, of course I found some joy and fun in this whole election through fashion.
Zac Posen started a campaign called Fashion The Vote. It is aimed at getting people educated on the issues and registered to vote. Of course he couldn't make it just about politics. He's asked everyone to dress up to cast your vote. On the website, he's set up a photo gallery where you can post a picture of yourself in your "Election Day Best." Just a little something fun and entertaining to keep myself occupied while the polls keep wavering...
Check back on Zac's website.. You might just see my entire office posted in our election garb.

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