Ruven Afandador

In September of '07 I came across some images of Ashley Olsen that I fell in love with.  She did a shoot for Marie Claire and I have been so inspired by the images.  I've had one particular picture on my inspiration board ever since and find that I continually come back to it. 


I recently came across the images from the shoot and finally found out that Ruven Afandador was the photographer.  I've been looking at his portfolio and I'm blown away.  Some many of the images have been added to my board and I keep going back to them for reference and inspiration.  Ruven does an amazing job of emphasizing and highlighting the shape and movement of the body.  I'm drawn to the shading and shadows in his photography.  I have interpreted his work to be tastefully raunchy with a whimsical meets eerie tone.  Many of his photos have humorous undertones that play a sarcastic contradiction on some stereotypes.  I have a deep appreciation for Ruven's craft, point of view, and expression.  I can't wait to see more of his work and hope that one day I am lucky enough for our paths to cross.

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