Birthday Cake Cover Up

A birthday celebration always means two things... Too much cake and not enough room in your well thought out birthday ensemble to house the chocolate delight. Instead of focusing on disguising the cake protruding from my midsection, I'm looking for all the great accessories that will satisfy my appetite!

I love this shoe and the color is to die for! This pair with dark wash jeans and a simple top. What a statement piece!!!! You'll see me stomping up and down the street in these for the entire fall season! (Marc by Marc Orange Patent Peep Toe Heels; CO-OP Shoes at Barney's)

I got this bag last year for my birthday and can not give it a rest. It's my everyday suitcase. I made a trip to Lake Tahoe in early May and on my return home my actual suitcase broke. Panic never set in cause I was able to fit 5 days of vacation wear in the bag with room to spare for two magazines, an ipod, camera, and a pile of work documents. I'm pretty positive that it was not intended for this type of wear and tear, but it is good to know that it can withstand the beatings it has endured. (Marc by Marc Totally Turnlock; www.shopbop.com)

My current obsession is a tie between a pair of silver Matthew Williamson aviators and green havana Marc by Marc aviators. I can't ever justify spending more than $15 on sunglasses because inevitably I will either break or lose them within 4-6 weeks. So currently I'm shielding my eyes from the sun with a pair of red resin aviator inspired shades. At the golden ticket price of $5... always a good bargain!

I was recently introduced to a new nail polish company called Butter London. The company has an array of lacquer colors that span far beyond the color spectrum of the rainbow. The benefit of Butter London is that the nail polish is non-toxic. My current color of choice is "Come to Bed Red." ($12; www.butterlondon.com)

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