Vanity Affair...

I was so sure that I had my fall wardrobe perfectly edited until I had to stumble upon this image and totally fall in love with the cool lady like demeanor. Over the last year or so I've unintentionally committed myself to a life of pants--which has been a life changing (and wardrobe altering) experience, however, now things are going to look a little different. Lets get something straight, this look will in no way be an everyday ensemble--more of a practical go to for first impression business meetings...or something very adult like that.

How do I interpret the look you ask?! Well....

Skirt:: I'm starting with this saturated plum colored skirt. Keep in mind the a-line silhouette, since the top is a bit longer the proportions need to be intentional. {zara, zip two pocket skirt}

Blouse:: Like many, I'm on the Equipment blouse bandwagon (classic and quality). Stark white and I have never had a good relationship so I'm opting for one in a shade of cafe au lait. I've never been a "buttoned up" kind of gal so to add my own touch I opted for a blouse sans cuffs. {equipment, "daddy" blouse}

Necklace:: I knew exactly where to turn for the cherry on top of this ensemble. My coworker has been hard at work designing these incredibly vibrant and adorable necklaces that I keep seeing in magazines and street style images--definitely a year round statement piece. {kelsey quan, camp adventure necklace}

Shoes:: It's a tie when it comes to this exclamation. I often find classic pumps to be a little too lady like for me, but I wanted to keep things pseudo professional. How did I solve that conundrum?! I stayed with the classic silhouette and went with a bold color and print. I LOVE the color blocked toe but every look needs a little animal instinct. {zara court shoe with contrast cap toe; zara coltskin court shoe}

An incredibly chic ensemble to keep up my cuffless sleeve!

Get ready--tons of fall inspiration and chit chat is about to commence...it's my favorite season after all

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