The Final Countdown...

Someone told me the other day that the end of summer is upon us...which means fall layers and yet another birthday to add to my belt, all of which I will eventually happily accept. Since this news was brought to my attention, Jacob and I decided to graze the Internets to see what might inspire our fall looks this year. While eyeing a must have pair of pants from Zara we swiped this image...a look I'm dying to sync into my fall rotation.

*Initially I loved the black patent loafers but of course I need something that isn't so obvious. J. Crew's blush pair is just the ticket.

*It is probably a crime against fashion that I do not own a black blazer... not really my cup of tea. This one from The Row is a total knock out, just from this swipe you can tell the level of quality and craftsmanship. The brand happens to make a killer tee as well so I'll substitute black, white, and grey regularly.

*Some people will never understand a harem pant but I will forever embrace them...especially a pair from G-Star.

*I added my own touch, a versatile sweater for those "just in case" moments.

?!What's on your radar for fall?!

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